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Inspired by the 60's

MOD babes in a MOD world
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It's a mod mod world!
!!!, 60's, 60s fashion, a-line dresses, accessories, androgyny, assymetry, astro, attitude, bandanas, barbarella, belts, biba, big heavy lashes, big sunglasses, black and white, black hair, bold, bon bon, boots, boutiques, bracelets, bright colors, brigitte bardot, burgundy, carnaby street, clean shapes, clunky "granny" shoes, colors, corduroy, covered buttons, cutout dress, david bailey, deep thick bangs, diy, dress up, eccentricity, edie sedgwick, eye makeup, eyeliner, false eyelashes, fashion, fashion films, fashion photographers, fashion photography, fashion styling, flats, fringes, full circles, futurism, geometric shapes, go-go boots, graphic hair, handbags, homemade shift dresses, hush puppies, ink green, inspiration, jackets, jane birkin, jean shrimpton, knit tie, lifestyle, light foundation, london, major mascara, mary janes, mary quant, mini, mini skirts, mod, modbabes, modernists, mods, movement, narrow men's trousers, navy, nylon raincoats, op art, pale lips, penelope tree, photography, pillbox hats, pinstripes, plastic jewelry, polka dots, pop art, psychadelica, psycho fashion, pucci, quality fabrics, raincoats, red-colored telephones, relive, retro, revolution, richard avedon, rock and roll, scootering, self-expression, sewing, shag carpets, silver lines, sixties, ski pants, skinny ties, smokey eyes, socks, soul, space age, space helmets, space odyssey, sphere chairs, spots and stripes, stright skirts, stripes, style, styling, stylists, suedes, suits, suits made to measure, super straight hair, swinging sixties, targets, the 60s, the beatles, the egg chair, the rolling stones, thrift shops, thrifting, ticket, tight pants, tight shirts, trouser suits, twiggy, twiggy dolls, twist, uk, unisex, veruschka, vidal sasson, vintage, vintage clothes, vintage fashion, vintage people, vinyl, vogue, warhol, white lipstick